The Investigation

Watch The Investigation Hindi Web Series Free Online

Director: Nitesh Singh

Starring: Prakash Ramchandani, Leena Jumani, Aryamann Seth, Hiten Tejwani

Genre: Crime, Mystery

Released on: 06 Jan 2019

Writer: Uddeept Dutt Gaur

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (15 Votes)

Duration: 15 min

Synopsis: An investigative officer of Mumbai Crime branch, on a routine day, gets a murder case on his desk to solve. Instinctively he knows that he was responsible for this death. Would he surrender and go to jail for this murder? Or would he use his intellect and all the crime branch resources at his disposal, to frame someone else? Was it an accidental murder or a mastermind behind this heinous death? Watch the investigation to find out a brilliantly devious plot to unearth an altercation gone wrong – or is there really something else to this he-done-it mystery murder?

1 x 9The Last One Down
January 6, 2019
1 x 8The Interrogation
January 6, 2019
1 x 7Two Down
January 6, 2019
1 x 6One Down
January 6, 2019
1 x 5The Revelation
January 6, 2019
1 x 4The Lost Evidence
January 6, 2019
1 x 3The Connection
January 6, 2019
1 x 2The Flashback
January 6, 2019
1 x 1An accident or a Murder?
January 6, 2019

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